Wooden Floor Gap Filling

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Filling the gaps and other small repairs in a Wooden Floor can not only make it looks its best, but also make it last even longer.

Wooden Floor Gap Filling

To keep your new wooden flooring looking as good as new will mean from time to time maintenance and repairs need to be done. At Past & Present we understand the importance of good maintenance to prolong the life of a wooden floor.

Having gaps filled can lend a uniform finish to a floor and also help exclude drafts. Where possible our craftsmen will match the filler to the flooring colour.

As with any work being undertaken on a wooden floor preparation is the key to getting a superb finish. Our workmen are qualified to help you chose the best way to proceed using either a Resin based filler which is a cheaper method of filling gaps but does have it’s drawbacks, or Flexifill which is less prone to cracking but more expensive and Solid Pine Strips while the most expensive of the filler options does give the best finish by far.

Which ever of the above gap filling options is best for your floor and your pocket we are Edinburgh Flooring will work to our highest standards at all times to ensure you end up with a floor you can be proud to show off.

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