Reclaimed floor boards

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Using reclaimed floor boards keeps the look of the floor as authentic as possible.

Reclaimed floor boards

Reclaimed floor boards have an ever increasing appeal to those who want an eco friendly home. Edinburgh Flooring highly recommends you use a qualified floor fitter especially to achieve the look and finish you require.

Most reclaimed floor boards will need a degree of cleaning and treatment before and after they have been layed.  The type and depth of treatment we give to the boards will depend on what is within your salvaged material requirements as we guarantee the reclaimed boards will be free from all pest attack or damage.

Edinburgh Flooring can finish with an Oil, Laquer or Polish each having it’s own merits and each giving a different look to your floor.  Our flooring experts will help you decide which finish is best for you.

From replacing wood block, gap filling, sanding, staining and overall finish we at Edinburgh Flooring can save you time and money.Edinburgh Flooring are experts in all types of floor repair, hardwood, softwood, laminate, natural or engineered. In commercial premises or in your home.

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