Floor Sanding Edinburgh

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Using reclaimed floor boards keeps the look of the floor as authentic as possible.

Floor Sanding Edinburgh

We at Past & Present Wood Flooring have many years experience when it comes to sanding and floor restoration.

Floor sanding is not as easy as it seems and can easily go wrong which is why using Edinburgh wood to revive tired looking boards or restoreparquet flooring to it’s former glory could save you time and money.

Although Edinburgh Flooring uses a range of equipment and methods to keep the floor sanding as dust free as possible, our workmen always use dust sheets for extra protection to surrounding areas.

If parts of the existing floor needs replacing or repairing we can undertake this for you. Once sanding has been completed we will restain your floor, fill in gaps and seal the wood surface using oils or varnish specifically for the type of floor you have, so you get the finish you are looking for.

Past & Present care about the environment and use low environmental impact products throughout the restoration process.

Our workmen will clear away all waste and leave your floor and surrounding area free from dust so you can enjoy your revived floor without the stress or fuss of having to tackle the job yourself.

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