There are so many reasons to choose hardwood flooring in your property. Hardwood has a timeless beauty and the addition of hardwood can even improve the value of your property.  Whether you’re going for super modern minimalism or recapturing the traditional character and history of your property there is a hardwood flooring option out there for you.

A great reason to choose hardwood is that it is a sustainable resource which has a considerably smaller effect on the environment than other options such as heavily manufactured tiles or processed plastics.

Many people opt for hardwood flooring as an alternative to carpet which can harbour house dust mites, dust and other common household allergens. The removal of carpets can significantly reduce symptoms associated with allergies and even improve symptoms of asthma and other more serious respiratory conditions, making hardwood a great choice for families with children.

This is of course aside from the convenience of hardwood – another reason why it’s such an appealing choice for families or those with pets. It is simple to maintain your hardwood and you needn’t be so concerned with staining – we all know that children will have accidents! Sweep or vacuum regularly. Wash and treat the wood with natural, wax based cleaners and your floors can look stunning for years. You can even refresh them by having them professionally cleaned every few years. Then of course you can sand the wood and reseal it making it good as new – just another feature which makes hardwood the more environmentally friendly choice since it will last for years.

Many people misguidedly believe that hardwood flooring is prohibitively expensive however this is not the case. Nowadays there really are options to suit all budgets.

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