Parquet flooring may have gone out of fashion recently, but as with most things, it has well and truly come back round again and it is easy to see why!

With so many choices available nowadays for colour and finish available for you to mix and match you really can create an original design for your flooring. You can even turn your floor into a design feature depending on how elaborate you wish to be.

As with real wood and engineered wood you benefit from not having carpets, thus improving respiratory health within your household. The surface is easier to clean and less prone to staining than carpet and can outlast carpeting as well making it more budget friendly over time.

You can lay a parquet floor over nearly any existing surface as with engineered wood and this makes it easier and less costly to lay, even making it a possible DIY project. Most of the options can be purchased as a tongue and groove design meaning that they slot together very easily and click together gradually making it easier for the amateur home improver.

It is possible to choose different types of wood for different areas of the home. High traffic areas for example will require a higher grade with lesser grades being suitable for rooms which are used less frequently. A higher grade will have been treated with an extra sealant and is recommended for use in areas like kitchens or hallways. It is therefore advisable to take this into consideration when choosing your flooring and if you pay attention to this then you will save money by not needing to replace any sections frequently.

With new colours and finishes available you’re sure to find a parquet flooring which suits your home and décor; weather you are embracing the traditional or aiming for a modern, minimalist; look you can achieve either if you choose the right parquet flooring.