Keep Solid Hardwood Floors Looking brand New

  • if you have a dog, put a paw cleaning mat down they often have gravel etc on their pawa.
  • Use a fine brush when you sweeping your floor
  • Use a little wax and a damp cloth to fill in any scratches
  • Use very fine steel wool and a small amount of wax to remove water stains on your flooring.
  • Use ice on chewing gum that has stuck to your solid hardwood flooring and wait until it becomes brittle to pry it off.
  • Make sure you use a soft brush on all vacuums
A few ways you could damage your hardwood floors (we know these seem pretty obvious but it’s worth checking you know them all)
  • Add mats / rugs to all entrance to the room as grit etc will scratch the floor.
  • Not buying a good quality broom or using it regularly will lead to problems.
  • Using a over wet mop to clean your wood floor. may lead to cracks and warps
  • Not covering furniture legs that can scratch or dent your wooden floor.
  • Use the recommended floor cleaning products.

Floor Sanders in Edinburgh, will happily discuss your needs then recommend the correct floor type and advise you of the best way to care for your new floor. Contact us now for more information