For a kitchen floor, ease of clean and of course durability have to be the main reason for choosing a solid wood floor for your kitchen. Ceramic tiles are another popular choice, but of over the years your house, as most house do, moves a little, then your tiles will crack leaving sharp edges, compared to wood stretching and bending to fill the space, and for safety, a wet ceramic tile is a lot slippier than a wet wooden floor.

Adding a real home feel to any house is important and as the kitchen is one of the rooms we all spend most time in, then it makes sense to add the “home” feeling to this room, a sturdy floor, that can be dyed to suit your kitchen styles as they change over the years will keep one floor up to date for years and years.

Solid wood flooring has moved on from the days when it involved nailing large planks of wood to the floor then covering them in varnish, you now have a vast choice of wood and styles and Floor Sanders in Edinburgh are happy to go over your options with you so you make the perfect choice for your long lasting kitchen floor.



Then there’s wood. While some feel it’s an unusual choice now that there are so many different flooring options, I personally think hardwood is an excellent choice for the kitchen. Everybody ends up spending a lot of time there, and wood floors can add a great deal of “homeyness” to the kitchen. At the same time, wood is also good at coping with the high traffic volume. One important reminder: When installing wood flooring in a kitchen, do make sure you apply a good protective finish, such as a polyurethane, to guard against the many kinds of moisture that inevitably make their way onto the kitchen floor.