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Environmental Issues

Here at Edinburgh Past & Present Flooring not only do we care about the planet and source our materials from sustainable forests, we also care about the health of our customers by using products that help maintain a healthy pure indoor environment.

No matter what work we are undertaking we aim to keep the area we are working in as well as the surrounding area as free from dust and chemical smells as possible.

Wooden flooring is the perfect choice for a healthier home according to many leading health professionals as unlike carpets and other manmade floor coverings wooden flooring is proven to reduce dust and other allergens.

Ecologically friendly is another badge wooden floors are proud to wear, a wooden floor can last a lifetime and as they are a natural product, minimal energy is expended during their production.

All the stains, waxes and sealants we use at Edinburgh Past & Present Flooring are low on chemicals while high on quality.

For an environmental friendly floor call Edinburgh Floors the company that cares.

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    Past and Present Floor Sanding Ltd
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