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Floor Care

Wooden floors are an attractive addition to your home and with proper maintenance and care once your wooden floor has been finished you can keep it looking as good as new.  There are some simple things you can do to help your floor last for years to come.

Remember the drier the better and always clean with a well wrung out cloth or mop as large amounts of water may cause the floor to expand and damage to occur to the boards.

Floor mats are a good way to stop dirt building up in entrance ways and remember to shake them out regularly.

Using protective felt pads on furniture can help cut down surface scratching if you move your furniture around.

Don’t use ammonia based cleaners or oil soap they can cause the finish to dull and may affect the ability to recoat the floor later.

Your floor needs to be swept or vacuumed regularly to avoid tiny grains of grit damaging the boards and buffing oil finished floors with a soft cloth will help maintain the shine.

Hardwood floors are easily damaged with stiletto healed shoes or some sport shoes.

Any spills particularly of red wine or ink can cause stains to appear on your floor, wipe up any spills with a damp cloth as soon as possible, if you are left with a stain a simple rub with a soft cloth and a floor cleaner specifically for wooden floors will clean it up.

Guard against your floor having lighter patches in very sunny spots by putting down scatter rugs.

Giving your floor loving care and attention will ensure you have a great looking floor for years to come.

It is recommended that you contact our sales team to discuss the best products for your type of floor, and also to enquire about a maintenance check at least once a year.

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